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Offshore Insights is an independent advisory and research firm headquartered in Pune, India. We help Fortune 500 companies across the globe with their global delivery initiatives and assist them in extending value of their IT services budget. With a focus on every aspect of the offshore IT lifecycle, we help enterprises and IT providers across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific gain the next level of benefit from the IT services’ Global delivery model. Offshore Insights is our initiative to provide you with a one-stop-solution for everything related to offshore IT.


Exploring The Horizon
Continued economic pressure is only one of the reasons why top American and European companies are leveraging low cost locations for various projects that they want to accomplish in their reduced budgets. We believe that even with the anti-offshoring rhetoric that appears to be the scene intermittently, the work outsourced to offshore locations will only increase in the coming three to five years. However, buyer goals have grown well beyond simple cost saving. They now want to leverage offshore locations like India and China to access diverse talent, open new markets, revamp products/services to suit their evolving business models and new market realities, deliver IT on a 24x7 basis and leverage higher process and quality standards. To achieve this, offshore users require drilled-down data and enhanced advice and support to select the right vendors for their work. Offshore Insights provides this in-depth knowledge and support to offshore users.


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