Infosys let me down – I lost a bet! (One of my very few wrong predictions)

Sudin Apte

Bangalore, October 2005; George Colony (Forrester’s Chairman and CEO) was in India. We finished our meeting with Infosys’ top brass – Murthy, Nandan and Kris and were on our way to Sarjapur Road to meet Mr. Premji. Earlier evening we were in the then new TCS facility at Banyan Park (Mumbai) to meet Mr. Ramadorai and the CTO.

We were discussing where Indian IT is heading and how these players will evolve. In his typical style, George asked me to stake my neck out and predict which company will be the first to cross US $10B mark. I thought Infosys will overtake TCS somewhere around 2009-10 and will be first to become 10 Billion dollar company. George thought other way round. This was how our $1 bet happened!

April 23, 2012; TCS announced its results and crossed the $10B mark.

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