Infosys story part 1: Internal issues not tough market or visa row, may dwindle it down !

Sudin Apte

Everyday, Infosys is in news – rather negatively! What has triggered with missing revenue guidance, is not stopping for a moment. Be it Projecting its single digit growth, visa row and related legal suites, early signs of challenges in recruitment and consistent criticizing by financial or industry analysts (and its heavy reporting) – the list simply is never ending.

To assess where Infosys is heading, I tried to analyze the situation from multiple perspective. We surveyed 82 Infosys clients including 40+ strategic accounts ( We even spoke to over 60 TCS, 50+ Wipro and 40+ Wipro clients) in our latest survey of over 300 offshore clients. We also spoke to over two dozen current and ex-employees (mostly senior and/or long term), debated with select financial analysts and industry experts. Here are few key pointers that this exhaustive study has thrown up:

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