How to handle raging, so called, “Offshore Backlash”?

Sudin Apte

As I participated in panel discussion on NDTV Profit today; I was joined by Som Mittal (Nasscom), Hari Bhartia (CII), and Mohan Das Pai (earlier in Infosys, now in Manipal University). The show’s backdrop was latest visit by Hillary Clinton and some of rhetoric in US elections.

Both the industry representatives argued that present situation is not extraordinary, as it happens during every election. They explained; Indian industry is creating jobs in US and we are moving in value chain so clients do not essentially come to Indian companies as low-cost sources. I have not yet read, but CII has published a report as well, that talks about investments made by Indian businesses and job opportunities created. I felt both of them were trying to stress that offshoring industry is not taking jobs away (according to them, it happens more in Manufacturing), rather are creating lot more.

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