Our Research Garage

One of the core values we wanted to build in our research team was higher industrialization and efficiency. Not many industry analysts and research teams imbibe principles such as collaboration, teamwork and productivity in their day-to-day work. Clients have often expressed their frustrations on the analyst stardom phenomena - difficulties in approaching analysts; analysts adopting their own research processes during client interactions and briefings; duplication of formats during vendor briefings (how analysts from the same company, sometimes even the same team, ask the same questions!).

To eliminate these issues, we created ‘Research Garage’, a highly collaborative and process-driven workplace to capture data, trends, and events faster. A team that extensively collaborates, shares experiences and research, and learns from each other. Some of the processes we have deployed right from inception include: idea generation and garnering, data collection and synthesis, knowledge management, and collaborative workgroups. This, in a way, is our tribute to the concept of process sophistication that we have learnt from many Indian vendors. It allows us to synthesize data faster, identify trends quickly, and produce quality reports.