Why Offshore Insights?

Offshore Insights is brainchild of highly motivated IT research veterans under the leadership of Sudin Apte. The Offshore Insights team has keenly watched Indian IT industry and global research business over the past couple of decades and has closely observed the challenges of the existing research model.

Unique Research Model 

With no legacy to follow, Offshore Insights uses a research model that is innovative, lean, and more efficient. The company does so by leveraging following attributes:


  • Research Desk: Our India based highly motivated research team work relentlessly to conduct surveys, plan vendor briefings, interviews, compile and analyze hundreds of client interactions. Read More
  • Sharp Focus: We focus only on Offshore IT, which helps our team to leverage their extensive offshore knowledge and continue being experts in the domain.
  • Research Garage: A highly collaborative and process-driven workplace to capture data, trends, and events faster, Research Garage is our pursuit to make research process efficient. Read More


Extensive Technology Usage In Research Process

While IT has enabled firms to innovate new business models and new technologies, there has been very little change in IT research industry. We make extensive use of technology through out our research process to deliver quick, extensive, and interactive research – delivered in flexible and cost effective ways. Below is how:


  • Multi-channel delivery: We strive to respond to emerging impact of social networking on business. Rather than a unidirectional opinion preaching from analysts to clients, our aim is to create a standard platform for our analysts and other research stakeholders to express their views. 
  • Collaboration: Our analysts and Research Desk extensively collaborate, using specialized tools, to provide unified research outlook. Hence there is no more need of repeated briefings and interviews for several sets of analysts.
  • Automation: Our technology investments enable us to process information more quickly. We leverage Research Content Management tools to produce research more quickly.

Unique Business Model
We see a clear disconnect between today’s syndicated research subscription-based business model and changing client requirements. According to the feedback of several clients, 75%-80% of their total research investment is directed towards written reports and website licenses. However, the value they receive from these highly generic and “written for hundreds” class reports is quite limited. Further, most offshore clients need very specific, drilled-down information on the entire offshore lifecycle and need support on ground zero (India), as they move to next-gen offshoring. The 30,000 feet bird’s-eye-view based on couple of annual visits to India conversations with marketing professionals at IT vendors do not add depth and relevance via reports. Top research companies, contrary to what they preach, are not responsive to changing needs of their clients and tend to stick to their age-old business model. They continue to push for annual subscriptions that yield higher profits for them, rather than increasing content’s context/depth and relevance.


Offshore Insights aim at fixing this disconnect between client needs and business model adopted by research firms to successfully align client outflows directly with the value they receive.